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Oven Cleaning

Whether your oven is small or large, new or old, our technician will remove the door (model permitting) and clean the glass inside and out, then remove all internal removable parts so that they can be meticulously cleaned in our bespoke hot tank. All grease, baked on carbon and food residues are cleaned out from those hard to get at internal areas. The oven is then reassembled and the outside polished to SHINE like new. We can also replace oven light globes, oven seals (model permitting) and oven door hinges (model permitting).


Cooktop Cleaning

The trivets are removed and cleaned, then all burners are taken off (model permitting) and polished to remove all burnt on carbon residues. Where possible, the knobs are removed and cleaned, then the cooktop itself is then cleaned, degreased and polished.


Rangehood & Filter Cleaning

We will restore the SHINE to your rangehood whether it is a stand alone canopy or an in-cupboard model. Fat and oil build up can become a fire hazard which is why we thoroughly remove it from inside the rangehood and from the filters.


Grill Cleaning

Often neglected and full of crumbs and cheese spatter, the door of the grill is removed (if the model permits) as are all internal removable parts. All traces of baked on food residue are then cleaned away - especially from those hard to get at areas. The grill is reassembled, looking like new.


Microwave Cleaning

Messy food spatter is cleaned away from all panels inside the microwave. The turn plate is removed, washed and replaced, then the outside of the microwave is cleaned and polished.


BBQ Cleaning

BBQs vary greatly in quality and come in many different shapes, sizes and condition which is why we prefer to talk to you about your BBQ before providing a free quote. Once you instruct us to proceed, all removable parts will be taken out and the fat and grease removed from inside the BBQ. The plates and grills are thoroughly scraped and cleaned and finally the BBQ outer is cleaned and polished.


Refrigerator Cleaning

We offer a fridge cleaning service which involves a top down clean to the inside of your refrigerator. One shelf at a time is cleared and then cleaned using a mild, colourless biodegradable detergent solution saving you both the time and effort.



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